Become a H2020 Evaluator

Are you an expert?

EU is seeking experts for reviewing Horizon 2020 applications! In November 2013, the European Commission launched a call for experts to assist in the evaluation of proposals and project monitoring and to join the peer review groups for Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Why should I become an expert?

As an expert, your role will be to assist in the evaluation of proposals and monitoring of actions, and to assist in the preparation, implementation or evaluation of programmes and design of policies. You will get up front experience with the application process in Horizon 2020, which can serve as useful inspiration, and become an advantage if you are considering applying for EU grants yourself. At the same time, you will gain insight in Horizon 2020 and the evaluation process, which will benefit not only you, but gives you an exclusive knowledge that can be shared and thereby benefit your research group, institute and faculty. Additionally, you will be presented with the front line research and research groups from all of Europe within your research area of expertise. Through the interaction with the other assigned experts, you will have an opportunity for strengthening and widening your research network in a European context. Lastly, as part of the expert evaluation panel, you get the opportunity to influence the impact of Horizon 2020 through the selection of applications from across the European research environments that applies the framework programme.


Experts are appointed by the European Commission and selected on the basis of their profiles in the central EU expert data base. Registration is therefore no guarantee for being appointed an expert. To qualify as an expert, the main focus is on the experts CVs and fields of research expertise in order to make the best match with the specific topics in Horizon 2020. Excellence within the topics outlined in Horizon 2020 framework programmes will therefore be an advantage. Due to the structure of the framework programme, it is expected that beyond excellence, one of the evaluation criteria will be on the degree of interdisciplinarity in the applications. Experience with interdisciplinary collaborations and research initiatives will therefore be an advantage and will expectedly be of particular interest to the EU commission and in the formation of the evaluation panels.

Formalities and Amount of work

It is expected that you will be available for occasional, short-term assignments. Evaluations usually take place in the context of short sessions lasting a maximum of around 10 days a year. Assignments may be carried out at home, place of work and/or in Brussels - or Luxembourg. Experts are entitled to a fee for each full day actually worked and to the reimbursement of travel expenses. If selected as an expert, you will receive a contract that defines the rights and obligations and terms and conditions for your appointment.

How to Register

You can register by creating a profile in the central EU expert data base, accessible at the Participants Portal. The first step is to create an ECAS (European Commission's secure Authentication Service) account, which will give you access to the data base. Kindly note, that persons who have signed up as experts for one of the previous EU framework programmes have to renew their application/profile in order to be considered for Horizon 2020. The call for experts and registration is open throughout the whole period for the Horizon 2020 framework programme (2014-2020).

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