SSPC Researchers to Visit Purdue University

Strand 3 researchers, Prof Anne Marie Healy (TCD), Prof Gavin Walker (UL), Dr Abina Crean (UCC), Dr Patrick Frawley (UL) and Jon O'Halloran (SSPC) visited the College of Pharmacy, Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University, Indiana, USA in November 2012 to discuss possible collaborations with Faculty there.  The engagement with international researchers in Purdue is a sig

Building an Innovation Ecosystem - September 2012

Anthony Maher, PhD Researcher (SSPC)

Meet Anthony Maher - UL BSc Industrial Biochemistry Graduate, PhD Researcher and Kerry Senior Footballer. One of UL's many PhD graduates striving for excellence and making a real impact to our knowledge economy. 94% of  our PhD graduates are employed, with the majority working in Ireland and helping to build our world-leading innovation ecosystem.

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