Linker Projects

Interactions between the strands are vital to make progress in this area as it concentrates effort at interfaces where the most important developments need to take place. The programme has been designed to pay particular attention to how attributes from each strand can impact each of the other strands.

SSPC's two linker projects:

LT1 - Integrated Design for Continuous API Processing: PI/FI Prof. Brian Glennon (UCD), Prof. Anita Maguire (UCC), Dr Stuart Collins (UCC), Dr Humphrey Moynihan (UCC), Dr Patrick Frawley (UL).

Publications: [1] Dennehy, O. C., Cacheux, V. M. Y., Deadman, B. J., Lynch, D. Collins, S. G.*, Moynihan, H. A.*, Maguire, A. R.* (2016) 'Development of a Continuous Process for alpha-Thio-beta- chloroacrylamide Synthesis at Preparative Scale Leading to Enhanced Control of a Cascade Transformation' Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 12, pp. 2511-2522.
[2] Cogoni, G., de Souza, B. P. & Frawley, P. J. (2015) ‘Particle Size Distribution and yield control in continuous Plug Flow Crystallizers with recycle’, Chemical Engineering Science, 138,  pp. 592-599.
[3] Cogoni, G. & Frawley, P. J. (2015) ‘Particle Size Distribution Reconstruction Using a Finite Number of Its Moments through Artificial Neural Networks: A Practical Application’, J. Crystal Growth & Design,   15, (1), pp. 239-246.
[4] Power, G., Hou, G., Kamaraju, V.K., Morris, G, Y. Zhao & B. Glennon, 'Design and optimization of a multistage continuous cooling mixed suspension, mixed product removal crystallizer', Chemical Engineering Science, 133, 125-139, 2015.
[5] Y. Zhao, V.K. Kamaraju, G. Hou, G. Power, P. Donnellan & B. Glennon, 'Kinetic identification and experimental validation of continuous plug flow crystallisation', Chemical Engineering Science, 133, 106-115, 2015.

LT2- Tailoring crystal size distributions for improved formulation: PI/FI Prof. Kevin M Ryan (UL), Prof. Åke Rasmuson (UL), Prof. Brian Glennon (UCD), Prof. Anne-Marie Healy (TCD), Dr Lidia Tajber (TCD)

Publications: [1] Proposal submitted: Padrela, L., Edlin, C., Ryan, K. M. SFI/NSF I-Corps@SFI Entrepreneurial Training Programme 2016 – ‘Continuous manufacturing method for the production of pharmaceutical drug nanoparticles dispersed in polymeric micron-sized granules’
[2] Proposal funded: Padrela, L., Edlin, C., Ryan, K. M. (2016) US-Ireland R&D Partnership SSPC/CSOPS/CPS – ‘Partnership in continuous manufacturing for nano-based drug products’, NSF/SFI funded project.
[3] Bodnár, K., Hudson, S. P., Rasmuson, Å. C. (2016) ‘Stepwise Use of Additives for Improved Control over Formation and Stability of Mefenamic Acid Nanocrystals Produced by Antisolvent Precipitation’, Crystal Growth and Design, Accepted Publication, Date (Web): December 21, DOI: 10.1021/acs.cgd.6b01256
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[6] He, Y., Worku, Z., Gao, Y., Healy, A.-M., Glennon, B. Study on the effect of size and shape on flow properties of ibuprofen submitted to Crystal Growth and Design.