Official Launch of the Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster. University of Limerick July 4th 2008 Computer Sciences Building (CSG01)

On Friday the July 4th, 2008, the Solid State Pharmaceuticals Cluster was officially launched in the Computer Sciences Building on the grounds of the University of Limerick. This was attended by members from industry and academia. It was seen as an opportunity to bring members of industry and academia together and outline the ideas and proposals which the Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster will be undertaking. The invited speakers were taken from universities in Europe and the U.K. Each gave a 45 minute talk on their area of expertise, followed by questions. Below is the table of themes and speakers from the first technical meeting. Following on from that is a table of attendees and a table of those who were unable to attend and sent their regards.

Table 1: Speakers and Programme.

Time Programme Speaker
Session 1: Launch Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster
Chair: Professor Owen Corrigan, Trinity College Dublin.
09.30-09.45 Vice President Academic & Registrar, University of Limerick.
Vice President Research, University of Limerick.
Professor Paul McCutcheon
Professor Brian Fitzgerald
09.45-10.00 Life Sciences Directorate. Science Foundation Ireland.
Managing Director. Schering Plough.
Dr. Declan Healy
Mr. Brendan O'Callaghan
10.00-10.30 "Introduction to the Solid State Pharmaceuticals Cluster." Professor Kieran Hodnett,
Materials and Surface Science Institute,
University of Limerick.
Session 2
Chair:Professor Pat McArdle, "National University Ireland, Galway."
11.00-11.45 "Throwing Dice and Gazing Into the Crystal Ball." Dr. Hugo Meekes,
Department of Solid State Chemistry, University of Nijmegen.
11.45-12.30 "Prediction of the influence of the solvent in crystallization processes." Professor Ake Rasmuson,
Materials and Surface Science Institute,
University of Limerick.
12.30-13.15 "Mathematical Modelling, Monitoring and Control of Pharmaceutical Crystallization Processes." Professor Chris Rielly,
Chemical Engineering Department,
Loughborough University
Session 3
Chair: Professor A. Maguire, University College Cork.
14.30-15.15 "Pharmaceutical Co- Crystals " Dr. Nicolas Blagden
Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation, University of Bradford.
15.15-16.00 "Particle Design via Crystallisation: Six-Sigma Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals through Molecular-Scale Process Understanding." Professor Kevin Roberts,
School of Process, Environmental and Materials
Engineering, University of Leeds.

Table 2: Attendees at the Launch

Affiliations Attendees
Prof. Kieran Hodnett University of Limerick
Nessa Moyles Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC)
Dr. Declan Healy Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
Mr. Brendan O'Callaghan Schering - Plough
Dr. Humphrey Moynihan University College Cork
Prof. Anita Maguire University College Cork
Martin McNamara University College Dublin
Dr. Anne Marie Healy Trinity College Dublin
Prof. Edmond Magner University of Limerick
Dr. Simon Lawrence University College Cork
Dr. Abina Crean University College Cork
Prof. Ake Rasmusin University College Cork
Dr. Denise Croker University of Limerick
Lidia Tajber Trinity College Dublin
Prof. Owen Corrigan Trinity College Dublin
Kevin Guiry University College Cork
Andrea Ryan University College Cork
Dr. Geraldine Claudon University College Cork
Caroline Blackshields University College Cork
John O'Callaghan University College Cork
Jon O'Halloran University of Limerick
Dr. Nicolas Brondel University College Cork
Aine Munroe University of Limerick
Dr. Syed Tofail University of Limerick
Laura O'Shea University of Limerick
Prof. Paul McCutcheon University of Limerick
Prof. Brian Fitzgerald University of Limerick
Prof. Patrick McArdle National University of Ireland, Galway
Dr. Hugo Meekes University of Nijmegen
Prof. Chris Reilly Loughborough University
Dr. Nicolas Blagdon University of Bradford
Prof. Kevin Roberts University of Leeds
Dr. Stephen Rush Schering - Plough
Dr. Michael Napier Janssen
Dr. Liam Tully Pfizer
James Scully University of Limerick
Sean Denvir IDA
Dr. Tim O'Sullivan University of Limerick
Dr. Joseph Brennan Pfizer
Marie Daly GlaxoSmithKline
Victor Nelson Pfizer
Dr. J.J. Leahy University of Limerick
Prof. Tony Prembroke University of Limerick
Alan Ryder National University of Ireland, Galway
Andrea Erxleben National University of Ireland, Galway
Yun Hu National University of Ireland, Galway
Tom O'Ceallagh National University of Ireland, Galway
Hayder Essa University of Limerick
Michelle Hanigan University College Cork
Jakki Cooney CES, University of Limerick
Cian Davis University of Limerick
Anthony Maher University of Limerick
Noel O'Dowd University of Limerick
Liam Brown University of Limerick
Kwapinski Witold  
Suzanne Crilly University of Limerick
Simon White CES, University of Limerick
Dr. Martin Leahy Physics, University of Limerick
Noreen Hanley CES Department
Mahdi Alavi University of Limerick
Dr. Wynette Redington MSSI University of Limerick
Dmitri Bulushev CES, University of Limerick