SSPC researchers receive BOC Postgraduate Award 2018


Prof. Kieran Hodnett, Maria Munroe, James Kelch, BOC representative, Vivek Verma, Dr Peter Davern, Prof. Tony Pembroke and Ciara Tuohy, Department of Chemical Sciences.

The award, supported by BOC Gases and recognises achievements, in terms of published work and impact, as well as outreach activities and contributions from PhD candidates to the Research Centre and their University was received by SSPC PhD candidates Naghmeh Kamali, National University of Galway, NUIG, and Vivek Verma, University of Limerick, UL.

Vivek is working on ‘Crystallisation of active pharmaceutical ingredients onto excipients’. His research interest is crystallisation of pharmaceutical active compounds in their different forms and studies their properties', and Naghmeh, ‘A green solvent free method for active pharmaceutical ingredient polymorph control and other novel applications’.

Naghmeh Kamali, SSPC pictured with other winner Yannick Casamayou-Boucau and Luca Roncoon, School of Chemistry, NUIG and James Kelch, BOC representative