SSPC Summer School in Pharmaceutical Crystallization

The Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster (SSPC) ran a Summer School in Pharmaceutical Crystallisation held at the University of Limerick during the week starting 13th June 2011. It was the first school in what is planned to become an annual event. The focus of the school was on fundamental topics relating to crystallisation of pharmaceutical compounds and covered: Particle Engineering: A review of topics related to the crystallisation of particle of defined shape, size and form; Process Engineering: Engineering aspects of batch and continuous crystallisation; API Formulation Interface: Characterisation of powder particles and mixtures.

The summer school was held over two days with approximately six hours of lectures and workshops presented each day by 6-8 invited academic and industrial speakers. Presentations from international leaders in crystallisation research included; Prof Gerard Coquerel, University of Rouen; Prof Patrick McArdle, NUI Galway; Dr C. Malla Reddy, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research; Dr Joop H ter Horst and Dr Herman J M Kramer, Delft Institute of Technology; Prof Elias Vlieg, University of Nijmegen; Dr Colin Seaton, University of Limerick. The audience was made up of post graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and industrial colleagues, all working actively in the area of pharmaceutical crystallisation.

Speakers notes given at the Summer School can be found here.