SSPC Technical Meetings

SSPC MEMBERS ONLY Technical Meetings 2018:
Our first 2-day event will take place in the University of Limerick, October 10 and October 11, 2018: Invitation sent by email through EventBrite to SSPC members only.

Our last Technical Meeting in 2018 will take place on Thursday, December 6 at Trinity College Dublin.

As a follow on from our last meeting, please check out the application forms for the: SSPC EPE AWARD and the SSPC PHD RESEARCHER AWARD

Update on our most recent Technical Meeting:

SSPC held it's first Technical Meeting of 2018 at the Western Gateway Building in University College Cork on Thursday, May 31, on this occasion the Centre was introduced to our new General Manager, Dr Denise Croker and our new PhD Supplementary Funded Investigators were welcomed and introduced to the SSPC community.

See SSPC Technical Meeting Q2 2018 full slide deck here

Dr Denise Croker

Tom O’Ceallaigh Director, Engineering MSD spoke on “Industry Perspectives: Emerging Trends & Anticipated Challenges”
Analysing the future trends and giving an overview of the future. Today’s focus areas of enhanced performance and looking ahead.
Pharma industry to articulate their needs 2020:
•    Map the needs against existing resources and skillsets in SSPC
•    Determine where the overlaps are and agree thenext steps
•    Develop potential SSPC structures that are more agile and flexible structures
•    Visible opportunities for industry to illustrate the value of SSPC to Company finance

Tom O'Ceallaigh, Director, Engineering MSD, Dr Kristy Butler and Dr Aimee Stapleton, SSPC
Dr Kristy Butler- SSPC Reporting and Compliance Officer explained General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its impact to SSPC.
Dr Aimee Stapleton – SSPC Education & Public Engagement Officer spoke on SSPC Education & Public Engagement Tracker (EPE).
SSPC has won many infrastructure awards and on this occasion gave an overview of three infrastructures, BioPoint and CIDT2 based at the University of Limerick and Prospect based in University College Cork.

Dr Lorraine Bateman, Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry / NMR Spectroscopist, UCC and Dr Luis Padrela, Lecturer in Industrial Biochemistry, UL

SSPC Technical Meeting Agenda, Thursday, May 31, 2018

SSPC Technical Meeting Agenda, Friday, September 2, 2017

SSPC Techncial Meeting Agenda, Wednesday, December 14, 2017

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