Technical, Economic and Societal Impact

Technical Impact

Platform and targeted research will progress the scientific state of the art, driven by scientific and industry-led challenges of the area and aim at achieving scientific excellence and leading the way for Next Generation Drug Manufacture.

Societal Impact

The overarching societal impact objectives of the Centre are:

  • enhanced education and training offerings to support a knowledge society
  • a ‘greener’ pharmaceutical industry
  • greater availability and choice of medicines for patients

Economic Impact

The overarching economic impact objective of the SSPC is the retention, creation and transformation of direct jobs in the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. Our primary impact is on job retention and increasing the competitiveness of the existing business base in Ireland by supporting its diversification into Research and Development. The economic impact of the platform research programme emanates primarily from

  • the development of novel technologies and methodologies leading to patents and high-impact publications
  • education/training of industry relevant engineers and scientists
  • The individual targeted projects utilise the novel technologies and methodologies developed by the platform research in order to deliver specific solutions to the pharmaceutical industry knowledge gaps identified by the platform research programme. When the deliverables of the targeted projects are adopted/implemented by industry the economic impact will materialise as:
    • Manufacturing productivity impacts, including reduction in input materials costs, time savings in production processes, and reduction in environmental waste costs
    • R&D cycle development impacts, including reduction in process R&D costs, and time savings in process development cycles
    • Portfolio impacts, including increased turnover due to expanded product portfolios.

Partnership Impact

One of the key aims at SSPC is to enable productive participation and strategic partnerships with all stakeholders. Success relies on key efforts made by academia and the pharmaceutical industry working together. SSPC’s operations team helps facilitate such collaboration by conducting informal project evaluations, discussions and face-to-face meetings at quarterly technical meetings every year.

SSPC prides itself on being one of the very few centres who accommodate all partners to meet regularly and assess the interactions between, and the innovations of, each individual project and strand.  By facilitating and coordinating the interaction between key stakeholders, engagement at this level nurtures opportunity. In addition, it offers frequent review of research and also a platform for students to attend and present their work.

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