Funding & Partnership

The SSPC is dedicated to obtaining external research funding. Since the launch of the SSPC in July 2013, SSPC Principal and Funded Investigators have been awarded over €13 million in external funding.

International Leading Centre of Excellence

The SSPC aims to be an internationally leading Centre of excellence in synthesis and solid state pharmaceuticals. Acquiring funding and fostering collaboration with other leading international academics and centres is critical to achieving this aim. The SSPC team has strong track record in winning competitive funding. The objective of the SSPC's collaboration strategy is to enhance the scientific, engineering and technical capital available to the Centre.

Formal International Collaborators

The SSPC team already has an extensive international collaboration portfolio. The SSPC builds on and enhances the level of strategic international collaboration to deliver the research programme, enhances knowledge exchange and supports funding diversification beyond the island of Ireland. The SSPC has already put in place international leading experts as official collaborators for SSPC2.

The SSPC has twelve formal international collaborators: Queens University Belfast, University of Rouen, University of Manchester, Delft University of Technology, University of Toronto, Radboud University Nijmegen, University of Leeds, CoEBio3/University of Manchester, CNRS, University of Marseille, University of Florida, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, C-SOPs/Purdue University.

Funding Bids

The nature of funding bids has changed significantly in recent years and a significant part of the submission now involves project management experience. The SSPC has a dedicated funding project manager to support the researchers both in the preparation of bids and post-award project management is very beneficial particularly for large bids involving multiple partners.


Donald McDonagh, Funding Project Manager






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