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SSPC well represented at EuPAT9 Conference 2018


The Ninth pan-European Conference on PAT and QbD Sciences (EuPAT9) brings together pharmaceutical scientists and engineers from industry, academia and regulatory agencies to discuss recent developments and future trends in the field of pharmaceutical product and process development. The 9th EuPAT conference will focus on the status of QbD in pharmaceutical development, the latest advances in continuous manufacture and emerging developments in the manufacture and analysis of nanomedicines. Session content will describe technological developments, regulatory issues and recent experiences in drug development projects.

SSPC researchers contribute to textbook on computer aided chemical engineering on pharmaceutical manufacturing

Congratulations to SSPC researchers on their contribution to the Process Systems Engineering for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, 41st volume. The focus of this chapter provides insight into each aspect of oral solid dosage development including pre formulation, drug product development and manufacturing. Rahamatullah Shaikh, PMTC, Donald P O Brien, DPTC, Denise M. Croker & Gavin M. Walker, SPPC.

Minister Patrick O'Donovan and Senator Maria Byrne visit SSPC

SSPC has been busy demonstrating first hand how the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre is delivering value for the Pharma sector locally and internationally to our visitors Patrick O'Donovan, Minister of State at Finance & Public Expenditure and Reform and Senator Maria Byrne. SSPC, is a global hub of process innovation and advanced manufacturing that supports the pharma sector, a sector that is critical to Ireland’s economy.

Beer, brains and a thirst for science at a Pint of Science

sarah hudson pint of science

Last Tuesday night, 15 May 2018, JJ Bowles played host to a well-attended ‘Pint of Science’ event, with speakers from UL’s Faculties of Science and Engineering as well as the Kemmy Business School. The fun and engaging evening of science-based discussion, now a regular annual event, is the result of collaborations between a number of Science Foundation Ireland national research centres including LERO, SSPC, MACSI and UL academic departments and research institutes (Faculty of Science and Engineering, and Bernal Institute) to encourage such lively discourse.

SSPC PhD researcher Cristina Carucci makes cover feature on ChemCatChem


The Cover Feature illustrates the effect of two different zinc/ligand molar ratios on enzyme loading in the “one‐pot” aqueous synthesis of ZIF‐8‐encapsulated lipases from Rhizomucor miehei and Pseudomonas fluorescens. In their Full Paper, F. Pitzalis, C. Carucci et al. demonstrate that the different Zn/ligand (L) ratios affected both the surface area, the loading, and the specific activity of the biocatalysts. More information can be found in the Full Paper by F. Pitzalis, C. Carucci et al. on page 1578 in Issue 7, 2018 (DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201701984).