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SSPC at the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineers 2017

The EFCE-Spain group (ANQUE, AIQS, AEIC and SEQUI), the congress partner (Expoquimia), congress sponsors, exhibitors and supporters held the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering in conjunction with the 11th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, the 4th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology and its Joint Events.

SSPC's Aimee Stapleton's paper reaches far and wide

A team of scientists at University of Limerick have discovered that applying pressure to a protein found in egg whites and tears can generate electricity. The researchers from the Bernal Institute observed that crystals of lysozyme, a model protein that is abundant in egg whites of birds as well as in the tears, saliva and milk of mammals can generate electricity when pressed. Their report was published on October 2 in the journal, Applied Physics Letters. SSPC newest staff member, Aimee Stapleton, is the lead author on the generation of electricity from tears.

Prof. Michael Zaworotko receives SFI Principal Investigator Award

Minister John Halligan, today, announced research investment of €43 million through SFI Investigators Programme. Science Foundation Ireland investment will support 26 research projects in key areas including mathematical modelling, nanoscience, inflammatory diseases, cancer, materials, cattle breeding, seismology, communications and climate change. One of the recipients to receive the prestigious award was Professor Michael Zaworotko of the Bernal Institute and SSPC co-director, to investigate Green Adsorbents for Clean Energy. Prof. Zaworotko currently serves as Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering & Science Foundation of Ireland Research Professor at UL.


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