Unparalleled Industry Engagement

Trust, a culture of inclusivity and equity, proximity, clear goals and objectives, commitment and mutual benefit are just some of the factors that the SSPC fosters within its successful industry-academia, inter-industry, and inter-academia collaborations. The success of the SSPC model is evidenced by the fact that since the Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster (2007-2013), the SSPC has extended its membership to include 13 additional industry partners and 12 international academic collaborators. Since 2012, the scale of the SSPC has increased to over three fold its original size, and is now the largest research collaboration in Ireland, and one of the largest globally, within the pharmaceutical area. Currently, the SSPC works with 24 industry partners

For details on the dozens of projects, both Targeted and Platform, being undertaken by our 60 PhD students and 43 post doctorate then you need to login to the SSPC members exclusive sharepoint https://sulis.ul.ie/portal. You can obtain a login username & password by contacting Louise at Louise.ONeill@sspc.ie. You will be impressed by the volume of valuable information at your fingertips.  Why not try it out today!

SSPC Project Area User Guide 

Benefits to SSPC - Industry Collaboration

26 contracts signed (MNC 73%, Irish SME 27%)
24 industry partners and >176 individual industry collaborators
14 Industry focused training and workshops leading to the upskilling of 508 people 31 PhD industry placement projects
Established a Technology Community of Practice


  • The opportunity to fund targeted research projects in the area of synthesis and solid state pharmaceuticals
  • Sharing in our world leading, cutting edge research in synthesis and solid state pharmaceuticals
  • The opportunity to participate as an advisor to our project teams
  • Attendance at SSPC special presentations and workshops
  • Review of research reports prior to formal publication
  • Use of SSPC facilities

Industry Membership

The SSPC has adopted a tiered membership structure for industry engagement and the attraction of additional companies is particularly important.

For more information about member benefits and how to become a member, please contact our SSPC Industry Liaison Officer, Cyril Treanor, cyril.treanor@ul.ie