Industry Training

To date, 15 industry focused training courses have been designed, developed and delivered by the SSPC community, exemplifying co-creation and cross-community knowledge sharing. These courses have drawn  an attendance of over 500 participants, with over 52% of participants coming from the (bio)pharmaceutical industry.

List of SSPC industry focused training programmes:

Nov 2013                       SSPC Continuous Processing Workshop – Factories of the Future
Sept 2014                      Masterclass in synthetic organic chemistry
June 14/Apr16                SSPC-Roche-NUIG-UL Masterclass in process development & scale-up
Dec 2014                       Dynochem training for engineers, Scale-up Systems
June 2015                      PAT in Pharmaceutical Processing
Jan 2015                        Cambridge Crystallographic Database Centre (CCDC) workshop
Jan 2015                        Masterclass in Practical polymorphism for Pharmaceutical Solids
June 2015                      SSPC Chemometrics Workshop
Dec 2015                       Dynochem Training for chemists, Scale-up systems
June 2016                      Masterclass in Drug Product formulation
Aug 2016                       Masterclass in Chemical Process Safety
Feb 2017                       Adopting Continuous Manufacturing: Defining the Platform for Success 2017
May 2017                      DoE & Chemometrics Training

April 2018                     Process Development & Scale-Up in Pharma Industry
May 2018                      Masterclasss in Process Safety

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