The SSPC Education & Outreach programme actively engages with national primary and post primary schools across Ireland.

Teacher Professional Development

  • SSPC actively engages in the provision of professional development training to teachers. The SSPC organises the National Science Demonstration Annual Workshop, which was attended by teachers all over Ireland. The course programme is designed to upskill science teachers and educators by providing them with the knowledge and expertise to promote problem and inquiry-based learning and to conduct over 40 engaging and interactive attention grabbing science demonstrations, which are linked to real world science applications.

Transition Year Educational Programme

  •  The SSPC developed an innovative educational programme for post-primary teachers and pupils, entitled ‘Innovation in Medicines’. This programme, closely linked to the SSPC molecule, material and medicine research programme, introduces transition year and senior cycle pupils to real world science and research in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing, development and innovation. From September-December 2014, the programme was piloted by teachers in transition year science classes. This pilot phase enabled the SSPC to engage in further feedback from teachers and pupils before the full programme launch in February 2015.

SSPC launched the Science Foundation Ireland Discover funded initiative website, see video here

Educational Videos

  • The SSPC has eveloped a suite of educational videos of interactive experiments that can be used within the classroom to put the 'WOW' back into science. Check them out here

Speakers for Schools Programme 

  • SSPC participates in the SFI Speakers for Schools Programme. In August 2014, 20 SSPC members attended training for the SFI Speakers for Schools Programme. For more information and to identify a speaker for your school please visit the SFI Speakers for Schools website.

Internships/Transition Year Work Placements 

  • SSPC engages in hosting secondary school teachers during the summer months. In the Summer of 2014, SSPC hosted teachers from across the country to engage in the development of an 'Innovations in Medicine' educational programme.
  • SSPC also engages in transition year work placements. SSPC offers internships/transition work experience to second-level students. This year, SSPC hosted a number of transition year students on work placement within the SSPC.

Smart Futures 

  • SSPC engages in Smart Futures, which is a national campaign for second-level students in Ireland, highlighting career opportunities in STEM sectors such as medical devices, information and communications technology (ICT) and energy. In May 2014, Dr Sarah Hayes, SSPC Education and Outreach Officer hosted a Science Magic show and judged and presented a prize at the SMART Careers Competition in Mallow. Click here for more photos from the event. For more information on Smart Futures please visit

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