Dr Humphrey Moynihan

Dr Humphrey Moynihan

Senior Lecturer In Organic Chemistry
University College Cork
Role in SSPC: Principal Investigator Project Leader P3 and T5

University College Cork
  • 1986 B.Sc. in Chemistry (NUI-UCC)
  • 1992 Ph.D (NUI-UCC) Carbonyl Ylide Cycloadditions and Hydroxyenone Cyclizations in the Synthesis of Dihydrofurans and 3(2H) Furanones
Research Interests: 
  • Crystal structure and morphology of organic and pharmaceutical compounds
  • Crystallization processes, solvents and impurities
  • Multiple crystal forms, polymorphy, hydrates and solvates
  • Reagents and materials for analytical chemistry

Short Bio
Dr Humphrey Moynihan is Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry (Pharmaceutical/Medicinal) in the Dept. of Chemistry, UCC, and is also a PI in the Analytical and Biological Chemistry Research Facility, UCC.  He received BSc and PhD degrees from UCC and carried out postdoctoral research at the Universities of Exeter and Bristol before joining Liverpool John Moores University in 1994 as Lecturer in Organic Chemistry.  He returned to UCC in 2002.
Dr Moynihan carried out PhD research in heterocyclic synthesis (under Dr. D. G. McCarthy) and postdoctoral work on the medicinal chemistry of vasodilators (with Prof. S. M. Roberts) and opioids (Dr. J. W. Lewis).  He recognised the importance of physical properties in the manufacturing and formulation of pharmaceuticals and bio-active chemicals, especially of solid state properties such as crystal polymorphism, crystallisation process design, crystal morphology and size distribution.  Based on this, he developed research programmes which interfaced synthetic organic chemistry with crystallisation and crystal chemistry.  Often, this research is in collaboration with Dr. S. E. Lawrence in the area of crystallography.  The strategic importance of the organic chemistry / solid state interface developed by Dr. Moynihan is evidenced by a series of significant research funding awards, especially the following:
-SFI Research Centre funding (the Synthesis and Solid-state Pharmaceutical Centre, commenced 2013, in collaboration with UL [Prof. B. K. Hodnett], NUIG, TCD, UCD and several pharmaceutical companies) Total award >€20M (>4M to UCC)
-SFI Strategic Research Cluster funding (the Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster 2008-2012; in collaboration with UL, NUIG, TCD, UCD and nine PharmaChemical companies). Total award > €5M (>€1M to UCC)
-FP6 Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge funding (Developing Expertise in Pharmaceutical Materials and Biomaterials) €500K
Dr. Moynihan has participated in securing €7.7M of research funding for UCC, of which >€6M was since 2008.

He has over 50 peer reviewed publications (20 since 2008) in journals such as Crystal Growth & Design, CrystEngComm, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Carbohydrate Research.  His h-index is currently 12

Selected Publications