Marcus O'Mahony

O'Mahony, Dr. Marcus

SSPC PhD Programme

University of Limerick
Prof. Kieran Hodnett, Prof. Åke Rasmuson & Dr. Denise Croker
Current Position: 
Postdoctoral Associate in the group of Prof. Allan Myerson, MIT-Novartis Centre for Continuous Manufacturing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Title of PhD: 
A Solution-Mediated Polymorphic Transformation of the Pharmaceutical Compound Carbamazepine
PhD Outline: 

The work of my Ph.D. focused on understanding the mechanism of the solution-mediated polymorphic transformation for the pharmaceutical compound carbamazepine. This transformation was investigated using a variety of techniques such as in situ infra-red spectroscopy, powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and in situ optical microscopy. The findings of the work identified that the surface of the metastable phase was responsible for promoting the nucleation of the stable phase during the transformation and that this event was associated with the dissolution of the metastable phase. In additional work, four principal scenarios were distinguished for solution-mediated transformations based on both solution and solid state monitoring. A novel methodology was also developed for measuring the solubility of a metastable crystal phase that transforms quickly to its stable phase.

Your thoughts on the SSPC: 
“The SSPC provided the fertile ground on which the fundamentals of crystallization science and engineering could be learned and investigated. In addition, it provided me the opportunity to work on an industrially relevant project and enabled my participation in scientific collaboration abroad”.

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