Prof. Kieran Hodnett

Hodnett, Prof. Kieran

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry and Chair of Chemical and Environmental Sciences, University of Limerick
Role in SSPC: Principal Investigator Strand 1, project leader P6 and T5

University of Limerick
  • 1970-1974 B.Sc. in Chemistry (NUI)
  • 1974-1975 Higher Diploma in Education (NUI)
  • 1975-1977 M.Sc. (NUI)
  • 1977-1980 Ph.D. (NUI) Kinetic and specific poisoning studies of aliphatic alcoholoxidation reactions on UV-illuminated metal oxides
  • 1997 D.Sc. (NUI) Studies in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Research Interests: 
  • Crystallization of pharmaceutical compounds
  • Crystallization in the bayer process
  • The origin of selectivity in oxidation catalysis: the relationship between crystalinity and selectivity
  • Structured mesoporous silicates and their applications in chemical and enzymatic catalysis
  • Zeolite based oxidation catalysts

Professor  Kieran  Hodnett  joined  the  University of Limerick (NIHE) in  1984  and  has  been Professor of Physical Chemistry since 1996. A focus of his group’s work in the last number of years has been on understanding
the mechanism at the molecular level whereby solution mediated polymorphic transformations occur. This work includes investigations of dissolution, nucleation and growth of pharmaceutical  solids  and  their  interactions  with  solvent  molecules.  By  investigating a number of these transformations, by defining the precise thermodynamic and kinetic factors which trigger the transformations and by combining in situ methods with a molecular modelling approach, his group has arrived at an understanding of dissolution of a host crystal and the nucleation of a new polymorph in close contact and sometimes in epitaxial relationship with a host polymorph.

Professor Hodnett has published over 120 Journal articles and one book. He has supervised the PhD work of over 30 students, his work has been cited over 3000 times and he has a h-index of 32. Significant leadership roles have include Director of the Solid State Pharmaceuticals  Cluster  (2007-2013)  and  the  Synthesis  and  Solid  State  Pharmaceutical  Centre  (2013-2019),  Dean  Faculty  of Science and Engineering, University of Limerick (2007-2013), Leader of the Bernal Project, University of Limerick (2009-2013), Leader of the Rusal Aughinish Alumina-University of Limerick Research Collaboration (2002-2007) and Founding Director of the Materials  and  Surface Science  Institute,  University  of  Limerick  (1998-2004)  Professor Hodnett  has  led  research  projects  which have attracted over 100 million Euro in competitive funding since 2000 and was awarded the Boyle Higgins Medal of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland in 2016.

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