Prof. Stephen O'Brien

Professor Stephen O'Brien

Professor of Applied Mathematics
University of Limerick
Role in SSPC: Spoke Leader Momentum Spokes Project

University of Limerick

B.Sc., M.SC., D.Phil. (Oxon)

Research Interests: 

Mathematical modelling of physical and industrial processes

Short Bio
Professor O’Brien’s interests lie in mathematical modelling of physical and industrial processes generally using asymptotic and numerical techniques. The emphasis is placed on trying to understand the process rather than applying mathematics for its own sake.
He has research links with the mechanics group (Dr. J. Lammers, Dr. P.Slikkerveer) at Philips Research Laboratories where he worked from 1986-1993. The collaboration has continued both directly and via postgraduate students and they have jointly developed mathematical models for coating processes of interest to Philips in particular concentrating on the coating of television screens and CRTs. Philips Research provides great expertise both on the theoretical and experimental side and its uniformly high research standards have influenced me greatly.
Indeed Professor O’Brien's approach to mathematical modelling owes a lot to the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics where he obtained a D.Phil. under the supervision of Alan Tayler.

Selected Publications

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