Prof. Åke Rasmuson

Principal Investigator & Materials Theme Leader
University of Limerick


Professor of  Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at University of Limerick. He is a Strand 2 Co- Leader in addition to his role as Project Leader for P4 & P5. Prof. Rasmuson has previously served as a member of the executive board of the Swedish Centre for Bioprocess Technology (1999-2004) and as a consultant for AstraZeneca, Cambrex and Amersham Imaging (Norway), among others. Professor Rasmuson is the author of 200 publications and has been cited > 2,200 times.In 2015, he was awarded the Material & Surface Science Institute (MSSI), University of Limerick Research Award for most Web of Science Journal Papers published in 2014 with impact factor greater than 1.5.  This was his 3rd consecutive award.

Research Expertise

Fundamentals of crystallization: solid-liquid phase equilibrium, nucleation, crystal growth and agglomeration

Modelling and control of crystillization processes

Hydrodynamics and mixing in agitated tanks

Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

Particle design and technology

Micro reactor based technologies

Energy conservation in waste water treatment-production of biogas


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