About Us

A world leading Science Foundation Ireland pharmaceutical research centre

SSPC is a leading international research centre where the world’s top pharmaceutical industry and research academia collaborate to develop more efficient and effective pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.   

SSPC’s mission is to position Ireland as a global hub for process innovation and advanced manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry, through:

    • Research Excellence: Execute excellent academic research anticipation of future industry challenges
    • Advancing Talent: Equip the next generation of scientists and engineers with the skillset and attitude to meet future challenge
    • Societal Engagement: Engage with society to bring SSPC research to as wide an audience as possible
    • Global Impact: Develop a global reputation for delivering expertise and talent

The research carried out by SSPC crosses the pharmaceutical production chain from molecule to medicine, with the objective of gaining a better understanding of mechanisms, controlling processes, and predicting outcomes for the efficient and environmentally sustainable production of safe medicines. 

Specific areas of expertise include catalysis for organic synthesis, flow chemistry, theranostics, informed formulation for poorly soluble drugs, crystallization, solid form selection, continuous manufacturing, peptide/protein production routes and characterisation, novel reactor technology, process, molecular and mathematical modelling.

World Leading R&D

SSPC has a proven record of accomplishment in pre-competitive multi-industry partnership projects and single partner projects, working with over 20 industry partners and ensuring the research is critically informed by the needs of the pharma end users.

SSPC Digital Resources

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