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Bio Capabilities

Gene & Cell Therapy

  • EProteomic profiling
  • ECell models
  • EGene and Protein expression patterns
  • EEngineering Nanotherapeutics for macromolecule delivery, including peptides, proteins and nucleic acids such as siRNA

Protein Engineering

  • ECrystallisation
  • ECharacterisation (aggregation, structure, binding, activity, stability)
  • EStructure-function elucidation
  • ERational computational design
  • ESite directed mutagenesis
  • ESequence alignment

Drug Hybrid Conjugates

  • EChemical ligation methods for accessing therapeutic proteins and protein conjugates
  • EProtein Glycosylation and PEGylation
  • EProtein oligomerisation
  • ELabelling of biomolecules

Protein Production

  • EBacterial and mammalian fermentation
  • EOptimisation of bioprocess
  • EPurification
  • ECharacterisation (aggregation, structure, binding, activity, stability)
  • EFormulation
  • ELyophilisation


  • EMolecular simulations
  • EComputational Fluid Dynamics for bioreactors, tubing and pumps
  • EMathematical first - principles modelling

A selection of our biopharmaceutical project topics:

  • ^Bacterial and Mammalian Cell Fermentation and Analysis
  • ^Calixarene-controlled Protein Crystallization
  • ^The stability of proteins and their chemically modified derivatives
  • ^New expression systems for the production of immunomodulatory enzymes as therapeutics
  • ^Real-time control of mAb glycosylation
  • ^Peptide Synthesis
  • ^Optimisation of Transport and Hybrid Processes in (Bio)pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • ^Multiscale modelling of membrane separation operations, development of a multipurpose digital twin for pharmaceutically relevant membrane separation operations (nanofiltration/ultrafiltration)
  • ^Accelerated Microfluidic Chemical Ligation for Synthesis of Peptide and Protein Therapeutics
  • ^Enzyme Activated Peptides (EAPs): Application of EAPs as disease specific biological probes and targeted drug delivery vectors
  • ^Utilise Proteomic techniques to assess mode of action of antimicrobial agents
  • ^Development of targeted ‘click chemistry’ strategies for the characterisation of drug uptake and localisation in cellular environments
  • ^Bacterial and Fungal antibiotic resistance; mechanism discovery and screening systems
  • ^In vitro mimetic scaffolds of intestinal, blood brain barrier, skin and cardiovascular mimetic system