Biopharmaceuticals in Ireland, A Global Perspective: Facility Design, Trends & Positioning for Growth conference in association with IChemE, Jacobs and Engineers Ireland at the Bernal Institute, UL, Limerick. 

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SSPC - The Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals
SSPC is an international hub for manufacturing and modelling research, working in partnership with industry, placing Ireland as a world-leading location for R&D in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.
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Our Research
Continuously growing our capabilities as a world leading pharmaceutical research centre through expertise of our academic partners
SSPC Headshots

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Through 68 academic investigtors across nine insitutions, SSPC is training the next generation of highly skilled scientists and engineers meeting the needs of the ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry.
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How to Become an Industry Member
Interdependencies and synergies within the broader research programme form a solid basis for multi-disciplinary targeted research projects with industrial partners
Teachers experiment with explosive lessons. Weeklong event offers exemplary professional development for teachers

The annual workshop for educators, hosted by Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre (SSPC) and the Dept. of Chemical Sciences, in the University of Limerick (UL), is designed to encourage science teachers to become more confident with chemical demonstrations and brings effective learning strategies to the classroom. 

Sponsored by SSPC, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Institute of Physics, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Dept. of Chemical Sciences, and Bernal Institute (UL), Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) and BioPharmachemical Ireland, the workshop offers opportunity for teachers to incorporate experiments that will capture studentsÕ imagination.

Photo: Oisin McHugh True Media
Education & Public Engagement
SSPC EPE connects SSPC researchers with all members of the community to ensure impact for Irish society

SSPC's Research Programme

Our unique and innovative culture of collaboration is helping the global pharmaceutical industry to develop more environmentally sustainable methods for drug manufacturing; to increase the range of medicines available to the public and to reduce drug manufacturing costs. SSPC's advanced research programme extends from Molecule, Materials and Medicine into the Manufacturing and Modelling space.

These themes focus on developing new methodologies for the asymmetric synthesis of APIs, molecules & methods for automated & in-flow generation of targeted drug hybrids & new therapeutic agents.

Advancing the understanding of single-component crystalline materials (SCCMs) and, especially, multi-component crystalline materials (MCCMs) in order to enable improved orally delivered drug products.

Optimising the development, production & use of safe, effective medicines with focus on poorly soluble drugs, personalized, age appropriate medicines & rational formulation approaches with predictive performance.

Enabling a disruptive change in manufacture of drug substances & drug products, through the development & implementation of continuous manufacturing, flow chemistry & end-to-end manufacturing methodologies.

This theme will develop new techniques to design and predict behaviour in silico in order to reduce trial-and-error experimentation. Developing new transformative physical models for broad uptake in drug manufacture.

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