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Keith O’Shaughnessy named EPE Champion of the Year
June 21, 2024

Congratulations to Keith O’Shaughnessy at University College Cork, who demonstrated commitment to and flair for public engagement and outreach in 2023.

Keith’s participation in SSPC‘s public engagement activities allowed him to connect with fellow researchers, educators, and enthusiasts in the fields of sciences across Ireland. This network can lead to collaborations, knowledge sharing, and supportive relationships within the academic community.

Keith showed great dedication participating in numerous events, saying:
“His involvement in SSPC’s public engagement initiatives provides opportunities for professional development, including honing communication skills, gaining experience in outreach and engagement, and learning from peers and experts in related disciplines.”

“Scientifically engaging with the public requires clear and effective communication of complex concepts in accessible ways. Engaging in such activities can sharpen your communication skills, helping you convey scientific ideas more effectively to diverse audiences. By interacting with the general public and the youth, you contribute to promoting science literacy and fostering an interest in STEM subjects. This outreach can inspire curiosity and a lifelong appreciation for science.”

Engaging in SSPC’s public activities can be personally fulfilling and rewarding, as it allows you to share your passion for science, inspire curiosity, and contribute to the public good by promoting critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, and a deeper understanding of the physical sciences. Seeing the excitement and curiosity of children and non-academics as they learn about science can be motivating and fulfilling, enhancing your sense of purpose and impact as an educator and researcher.

Being involved in outreach activities builds trust and positive relationships. It connects the institution with the local community and beyond. By engaging with the public, you can have a direct, positive impact on individuals’ understanding of science, potentially influencing their attitudes and decisions related to science and technology. This can lead to increased support for educational initiatives, research projects, and funding opportunities.

Keith said: “Overall, participating in university outreach and public engagement activities can yield numerous benefits, including professional growth, improved communication skills, enhanced community impact, personal fulfilment, and the cultivation of future scientific interest and talent. These activities contribute to a more informed, engaged, and scientifically literate society while enriching your own professional development and sense of purpose as an educator and researcher.”

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