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PhD opportunity for a physical chemistry or chemical engineering graduate
December 2, 2020

Interested in doing a PhD in the area of crystallisation? Fantastic opportunity open at SSPC at Bernal Institute, University of Limerick for a Physical Chemistry or Chemical Engineering graduate as part of SSPC’s materials theme.

Closing date: December 15, 2020 for start date in February 2021

Title: Fundamental understanding and modelling of crystallization kinetics for the purpose of improved predictability and control of product properties

Host: University of Limerick

Start Date: February 2021

Supervisors: Prof. Ake Rasmuson, Dr Sarah Hudson, Dr Michael Svard.

Please send a cover letter, a CV and a transcript of your BSc and/or MSc degrees to [email protected] before 15th December 2020.

Brief Project Description: At present, crystallization kinetics cannot be predicted from the properties of the crystallizing compound, and even experimental determination of kinetics for the purpose of model-based design of industrial processes is beyond the present capability. There is insufficient molecular level understanding of underlying processes such as molecular clustering in solution, nucleation of the crystalline phase, the crystal/solution interface, and the crystal growth process.

This project targets the fundamental understanding of nucleation and growth from solution. The project will investigate the links between molecular clustering in solution, primary nucleation, and crystal growth for a range of crystallising organic compounds, through carefully designed experiments, analysis and modelling. At the core of the project is the construction of mathematical models describing cluster growth kinetics and nucleation kinetics.

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