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Dr Orest Shardt

Funded Investigator Modelling

University of Limerick


Dr Orest Shardt is an expert in computational modelling of multiphase flows and a Funded Investigator in SSPC. He uses high performance computing to investigate how phenomena at small scales (down to micro- and nanometers) affect the behaviour of large industrial-scale processes, such as those that are used for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Examples include processes that involve flows of liquid droplets, gas bubbles, and/or solid particles within another fluid. Dr Shardt received his BSc and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta (Canada), held a postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University (USA), and then joined the University of Limerick in 2016 as a lecturer.


Areas of expertise include: - Interfacial phenomena in multiphase flows
- Solids suspensions, emulsions, bubbles
- Heat and mass transfer
- Colloidal systems
- Computational modelling
- High performance computing
- Parallel programming