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Prof. Christophe Silien

Funded Investigator Modelling

University of Limerick


Christophe Silien is a Professor in the Department of Physics at UL. He graduated PhD from the University of Namur in Belgium and pursued his research in the University of California in Irvine and in the University of St Andrews in the UK, before joining UL in 2009. His research has been focused on the characterization and manipulation of nanoscale atomic and molecular systems, using various electron and optical spectroscopies, as well as scanning tunnelling microscopy. His research group at UL is also dedicated to the development of linear and non-linear optical microspectroscopy, especially with respect to super-resolution and ultrafast spectroscopy. His research group is funded by SFI and the European Commission.


non-linear microscopy, CARS SHG label-free microscopy fluorescence super-resolution plasmon scattering