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Dr Soumya Mukherjee

Funded Investigator Materials

University of Limerick


Dr Soumya Mukherjee at the University of Limerick is focused on addressing several United Nations sustainable development goals. Dr Mukherjee’s research team explores the interface of porous materials and solid-state supramolecular chemistry. An Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemical Sciences, a Principal Investigator at the SSPC and a winner of the President’s Research Excellence and Impact Early Career Award in 2022. Soumya leads the team with focus in particular on by-design families of organic polymers and metal-organic (coordination) polymers are getting the team closer to enable disruptive new approaches to support environmental sustainability, such as carbon capture, water purification, light hydrocarbon separation, and toxic gas removal. Thanks to its far-reaching societal impact, as a research theme, drinking water purification greatly interests Soumya.


Porous materials and solid-state supramolecular chemistry By-design families of organic polymers and metal-organic (coordination) polymers Material solutions to remediate drinking water contaminants, including the notoriously persistent yet underregulated class of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. MOFs