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SCI:COM event: The importance of Science Communication
March 8, 2021

Tuesday, March 9th and Wednesday, March 10th

SSPC actively fosters a culture of inclusivity and equity of sharing across all domains, including Education and Public Engagement (EPE). This whole-centre approach facilitates on-going and effective participation of researchers in the SSPC EPE Programmes. Driving this ethos are everyone within the SSPC community, who instil an expectation in all members of the SSPC community to contribute to the various facets of the centre. To this end, various EPE activities initiate a chain of crucial impacts for the wider community such as societal, economic, human capacity, international engagement, policy and public service, and professional services, to name a few. Communication is key to ensure that best practices are adhered to and our messages are clear.

If you are registered for SCI:COM, make sure to check out a breakout session featuring our colleagues working in the area of Education and Public Engagement, Dr Martin McHugh and Dr Sarah Hayes with (Dr Amy Stapleton, Felix Ho, & Silvija Markic) on Wednesday, March `10th at 3.30pm on Getting your hands on EU Funding (And what you can do with it!).

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