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SSPC Webinar Series:
Synthetic peptides as therapeutic candidates

Presented by Prof. Marc Devocelle – RCSI

Synthetic peptides are currently the 5th main origin of pipeline drugs. Their Compound Annual Growth Rate is already approaching the one of small molecules and could progress further if some issues threatening the clinical development of therapeutic peptides are addressed. This includes solutions overcoming the limited bioavailability and/or stability of peptide leads (eg. drug delivery techniques such as prodrugs, or peptidomimetic conversion), as well as the use of green alternative to solvents for peptide synthesis listed on the European Commission’s REACH Annex XVII of restricted substances (eg. synthesis in aqueous medium). This webinar will present some of the projects developed at the RCSI Peptide Synthesis Laboratory, in the areas of prodrug and peptidomimetic conversions, as well as green chemistry for peptide synthesis.

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