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Training: Understand, Design and Optimise Mixing in Stirred Tanks
February 14, 2020

Understand, Design and Optimise Mixing in Stirred Tanks. SSPC CFD Mixing Training for Industry – Modelling and Demonstrations. The workshop will take place on Thursday, March 19 and Friday, March 20, 2020 at the University of Limerick, run by leading experts in their fields.


Harry Van den Akker

Harry is Bernal Professor of Fluid Mechanics at the University of Limerick and Professor in Transport Phenomena, Delft University of Technology. Prior to joining the TUDelft, Professor Van den Akker was a research engineer at Shell Research in Amsterdam. He has held visiting appointments in Princeton and at King’s College London. He was President of the Dutch Physical Society for 6 years, and Scientific Director of the Netherlands Research School in Process Technology for 12 years. His expertise area is in fluid mechanics, turbulence, multiphase flow and transport phenomena.

Vivek Ranade

Vivek is the Bernal Chair Professor of Process Engineering at the University of Limerick. His research focuses on developing insights, innovations & intensified solutions for sustainable energy, water and chemicals including healthcare sector. He uses computational flow modelling, hydrodynamic cavitation and MAGIC (modular, agile, intensified & continuous) processes to achieve this. Before moving to Ireland, he led chemical engineering at CSIR – National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India. He has developed several performance enhancement solutions, software products and fluidic devices for variety of applications which are commercialised. He has co-founded two companies: Tridiagonal Solutions (www.tridiagonal.com) and Vivira Process Technologies (www.vivira.in).

M-Star CFD

M-Star Simulations, LLC, is a software company focused on the development of computational tools for modelling momentum, energy and mass transport within engineering and biological systems. By pairing modern algorithms with graphical processing card (GPU) architectures, this software enables users to quickly perform calculations with predictive fidelity that rivals physical experiment. These outcomes are achieved using a simple graphical interface that requires minimal user specification and setup times. Founded in 2014, M-Star Simulations has grown to include commercial, government, and academic users across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

John Thomas

John Thomas is the founding President of M-Star Simulations and oversees all client support and engagement. Prior to founding M-Star Simulations, John was a research professor at Johns Hopkins University. He holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Georgetown University.


MixIT is the next generation collaborative mixing analysis and scale-up tool designed to facilitate comprehensive stirred tank analysis using lab and plant data, empirical correlations and advanced 3D CFD models. It combines knowledge management tools and mixing science in a unified environment deployable enterprise-wide. MixIT provides a platform to analyze your mixing process across various scales and configurations including non-standard reactor geometries. It helps optimize the mixing process performance for Liquid-Liquid, Gas-Liquid and Solid-Liquid mixing.

Gopal Rameshchandra Kasat

Gopal is Project Manager at Tridiagonal Solutions with over 10 years of experience in mixing, equipment sizing & design, scale-up, characterizing multiphase flows in process equipments using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Experimental Fluid Dynamics. He holds a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from UICT Mumbai, India.

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