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M-Star CFD joins SSPC
June 17, 2020

SSPC and M-Star CFD, have joined together in a strategic partnership agreement that promotes a strong alliance in order to ensure SSPC’s customers can access high-level software needed for new research endeavours.

This move represents an ongoing commitment by SSPC to address growing research needs by providing fluid dynamics software.

The agreement M-Star means elements of their software and demonstrations will be provided to SSPC. M-Star CFD is a software tool that simulates real world systems with unprecedented accuracy. The high-fidelity results are driven by Large Eddy Simulation and advanced lattice-Boltzmann algorithms. These techniques are able to exploit modern computing architectures. An SSPC/Regeneron project headed up by Co-Principal Investigator and Bernal Professor of Fluid Mechanics, Harry Van den Akker and his lattice Boltzmann research will use M-Star software. Harry is regarded as a world leader in the fluid dynamics of multiphase mixing.

M-Star Simulations, LLC, is a software company focused on the development of computational tools for modelling momentum, energy and mass transport within engineering and biological systems. By pairing modern algorithms with graphical processing card (GPU) architectures, this software enables users to quickly perform calculations with predictive fidelity that rivals physical experiment. These outcomes are achieved using a simple graphical interface that requires minimal user specification and setup times.

Commenting on this development, John Thomas, M-Star President, said: “We welcome this mutually beneficial partnership and recognise the value our technical expertise will offer SSPC with their current and new research outputs. Our cutting edge software will only strengthen the relationship and assist in producing remarkable results and further partnerships.”

John Brennan, SSPC Business Development Manager, commented: “Our new client base has complex computational fluid dynamic requirements. We’re delighted to announce this partnership with M-Star CFD as it will assist in multi-phase bioreactor modelling and complex process simulations.”

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