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RAw Communication and Engagement (RACE) publication
January 8, 2019

SSPC Education & Public Engagement team were invited to speak at the 24th Symposium on Chemistry and Science Education called Building Bridges Across Disciplines for Transformative Education and a Sustainable Future held at the University of Bremen June 2018. The book features all invited papers from the symposuim and a publication on Raw Communication and Engagement (RACE): A Collaborative European Project Fostering Wider Societal Engagement through Scientific Communication by Martin McHugh, Aimee Stapleton, Felix Ho, Daniel Brundeal, Paul McCrory and Sarah Hayes.

RAw Communication and Engagement (RACE): SSPC are co-ordinating an EU H2020 funded project entitled Raw Communication and Engagement (RACE). This module is open to third and fourth level students in STEM disciplines. This module will be open to third and fourth level students in STEM disciplines across Ireland, Sweden (Uppsala University), Finland (VTT, University of Eastern Finland) and Spain (Technical University of Madrid).  Also eligible will be industry members across all partner countries, beginning with Aughnish Alumina in Limerick Ireland, and Boliden Mines, Sweden (and Tara Mines, Ireland). The course offer participants the opportunity to improve and to utilise their own scientific literacy.  Consequently, they will also be equipped to communicate their work and research goals to a wider audience of primary, post primary and general public audiences. Evaluation within the module will consist of mixed methodologies.

More information: https://www.shaker.de/de/content/catalogue/index.asp?lang=de&ID=8&ISBN=9…


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