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April 7, 2020

Advancing Pharmaceutical Formulation Design Through The Application Of Spectroscopic Techniques

Abina Crean, SSPC Funded Investigator and Medicines theme leader, is based at University College Cork (UCC). Tune in to hear Abina will describe how the design and characterisation of pharmaceutical dosage forms can be supported by the application of spectroscopic techniques. She will present a range of case studies related to formulations including tablets, lyophilised cakes, cocrystals and microneedles.

Register here and tune in on Wednesday, April, 29

Abina Crean is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics in the School of Pharmacy, UCC with over twenty years’ experience in formulation and pharmaceutical technology in a combination of commercial R&D, production and academic settings.  She leads a Pharmaceutical Technology research group in UCC and her research interests are focused on the development of high quality, effective medicines through investigation and understanding of the properties and associated behaviour of constituent materials (both API and excipients).

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