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Synthetic peptides as therapeutic candidates
July 28, 2020

Upcoming webinar with SSPC investigator Prof. Marc Devocelle, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI). Marc completed his PhD at the University of Lille (France), in the laboratory of Professor André Mortreux and under contract with Sanofi. He subsequently joined RCSI in 1999 as a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Kevin Nolan. In 2000, he established the Peptide Synthesis Laboratory at RCSI and acted as its manager since. The laboratory is operating as a national facility for peptide synthesis, supporting a large number of collaborations across 10 Higher Education Institutions in Ireland. Marc has been appointed in the Department of Chemistry at RCSI, as a Lecturer in 2004, a Senior Lecturer in 2008 and an Associate Professor in 2014. He joined SSPC in 2017.

Marc’s expertise includes but is not limited to: Peptide synthesis, Peptide modifications (eg., labelling, conjugation), Peptidomimetics, Prodrugs, Antimicrobial Peptides.

You can read more about Marc and his research at www.rcsi.com/people/profile/mdevocelle

About this event: Synthetic peptides are currently the 5th main origin of pipeline drugs. Their Compound Annual Growth Rate is already approaching the one of small molecules and could progress further if some issues threatening the clinical development of therapeutic peptides are addressed. This includes solutions overcoming the limited bioavailability and/or stability of peptide leads (eg. drug delivery techniques such as prodrugs, or peptidomimetic conversion), as well as the use of green alternative to solvents for peptide synthesis listed on the European Commission’s REACH Annex XVII of restricted substances (eg. synthesis in aqueous medium). This webinar will present some of the projects developed at the RCSI Peptide Synthesis Laboratory, in the areas of prodrug and peptidomimetic conversions, as well as green chemistry for peptide synthesis.

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