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Prof. Lidia Tajber SSPC investigator of the year
September 1, 2023

Prof. Lidia Tajber, a lecturer and Director of Research at Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Trinity College Dublin and an SSPC funded investigator in SSPC’s Medicines theme has been awarded SSPC Investigator of the Year 2022.

Lidia completed her postdoctoral studies on the use of spray drying in the production of nanoporous microparticles. Her research interests involve two principal research themes: Preformulation and formulation aspects of solid pharmaceutical materials and Pharmaceutical systems at the nanoscale supported by Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Irish Research Council, European Union and Trinity College Dublin.

Lidia has supervised 16 PhD students, published 84 high quality peer-review papers and contributed to numerous international conference presentations. Her current h-index is 38. She is a co-inventor on a number of patent applications including “A method of producing porous microparticles” and “A polymeric nanoparticle.”

An expert in mechanochemistry, Lidia is deputy coordinator on an €8M project IMPACTIVE (Innovative Mechanochemical Processes to synthesise green ACTIVE pharmaceutical ingredients) as part of the HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions call for green pharmaceuticals. In addition, Lidia is an academic supervisor in the award winning Centre for Doctoral Training in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technologies, a partnership between University College London, the University of Nottingham and SSPC, providing world-class PhD training to early career researchers.

She and her team have successfully participated in collaborative, multidisciplinary and industry-led research consortia (IDDN, SSPC, H2020 RISE) leading to high impact research, leveraging international funding and attracting talented people to Ireland.

Lidia has been involved in the SSPC from its beginning as a funded investigator contributing to the areas of crystal engineering as well as drug product formulation and manufacture. Lidia was awarded SFI Career Development Award in 2017 on the development of pharmaceutical ionic liquid forms. The ultimate objective of her work is to advance the pharmaceutical product design and manufacture to benefit the general-public and enhance the quality of health.

Congratulations Lidia.

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