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SSPC alumni with Raquel Arribas Bueno
June 27, 2023

SSPC produces excellent people, who are renowned for their talent and our people are our greatest asset. SSPC alumni have a global and cross-sectoral footprint, generating a significant impact on the pharmaceutical sector. Throughout our 15 years, we have built an alumni network that allows us to build and strengthen our links to the Pharmaceutical Industry both nationally and internationally.

Today we hear from SSPC alumni, Raquel Arribas Bueno, a Project Manager MS&T at Teva in the Netherlands.

Getting my PhD in pharmaceutical crystallization through SSPC has given me important chances in the pharmaceutical field. Although having a degree in chemical engineering helped me find jobs in manufacturing industries, it’s the specialized knowledge I gained during my PhD and previous roles in the pharmaceutical field that really helped me get my current job. Without this expertise, it would have been harder for me to get my current position.

I had a great time at the SSPC. When I moved from Spain to the University of Limerick in Ireland, I didn’t know anyone, but I ended up making a lot of friends. From the very beginning, both my fellow students and supervisors in the department warmly welcomed me. We had fun together while working, after work, and even at conferences we went to as a group. There are so many memories that it’s hard to pick just a few. I feel lucky to have met such incredible people and had amazing supervisors.

“I would definitely recommend anyone thinking about working or studying at the SSPC to take the opportunity.”

I have always had an interest in the pharmaceutical field, but it was during my PhD that I got the chance to learn more about it and realized that I wanted to work in a job related to pharma. I now work in the material science and technology department at a company that makes sterile products. My job is to oversee projects that aim to improve our processes. This can involve things like bringing in new equipment and tools to improve how we work.

It’s important to be patient and persistent in research. Things often don’t go according to plan. The more knowledge you have about a topic, the easier it becomes to navigate. However, it takes time and many unsuccessful attempts to find the answer you’re seeking.

Pharmaceutical research plays a vital role in enhancing the lives of patients. There are numerous diseases that currently lack a cure, and more may arise in the future, making it crucial for researchers to keep working on developing medicines. The COVID pandemic serves as a prime example. Thanks to the expertise of dedicated researchers, a COVID vaccine and other medications were developed within a remarkably short timeframe. Without these researchers, such achievements would not have been possible.

I think pharma is now driving towards the use of biologics and biosimilars.  Biologics are becoming a significant area of focus for pharmaceutical companies. These complex biological drugs offer innovative treatment options for various diseases.

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