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SSPC Awards Series for 2022 now open
July 18, 2022

We are delighted to open the SSPC Awards Series for 2022 based on 2021 research activity and currently invite applications from the SSPC community. The SSPC awards series is designed to recognise and celebrate excellent achievements within our Centre over a calendar year period. Awards are selected on the basis of a competitive application process, unless otherwise specified below. Please use the application templates linked below based on the criteria specified.

Completed application forms (Word or PDF) attached below, should be mailed to [email protected] by COB, Wednesday, August, 10th 2022 for consideration. Applications will be judged by an independent judging committee which will contain representation from SSPC senior leadership and award sponsors. Unless otherwise specified below each award will consist of a certificate and cash prize. Awards will be presented at an evening event at our annual Symposium on Tuesday, August, 30th 2022.

SSPC Graduate of the Year – application form: pdf word

For exceptional PhD graduates based on their PhD achievements and outputs.


  • PhD viva-defense completed in 2021 calendar year
  • SSPC core-funded students
  • Endorsed by PhD Supervisor
SSPC Industrial PhD Placement – application form: pdf word

For exceptional and impactful SSPC PhD placement experiences


  • Industrial PhD placement completed through SSPC with an SSPC partner company in 2021
  • SSPC core-funded students/formal associates (attributed as SSPC team members on sesame)
  • Endorsed by industry nominator indicated on form
SSPC Mentorship Award – application form: pdf word

This award recognises outstanding mentorship provided by an SSPC researcher, based on the experiences of the nominee’s formal and informal mentees and not personal career achievements


  • SSPC centre member – Principal and Funded Investigator
  • Nominators must be a previous or current mentee(s) of the mentor
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted

See full evaluation criteria in the application form.

SSPC Commercial Activity of the Year Award – application form: pdf word

This award recognises the outstanding contribution of knowledge exchange, knowledge transfer and/or commercialisation activities for an individual or a group


  • SSPC centre member – PhD/PDRA/Investigator and respective project partners
  • Projects can span all stages of research commercialisation, industry engagement and entrepreneurship
  • The award recognises great work, so please be encouraged to put forth projects which

demonstrate originality, creative business insight, and/or deliver significant societal impact

SSPC EPE Champion of the Year – application form: pdf word

For any member of SSPC community (PhD, PDRA, Investigators) who has demonstrated a commitment to and flair for public engagement and outreach.

SSPC Industry Impact of the Year – application form: pdf word

For research outputs that have made a tangible impact with/for an industrial partner


  • SSPC centre member – PhD/PDRA/Investigator
  • Impact realised in 2021
  • Independent endorsement from industry partner
SSPC Academic Collaboration of the Year – application form pdf word

In recognition of collaborative projects between academics at different institutions within SSPC that have yielded outputs that would not have been possible without the involvement of both/more partners.


  • Core funded SSPC activity
  • Lead applicant SSPC member
  • Minimum of 2 co-applicants
  • Must include evidence for extent and impact of the collaboration
SSPC Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Award – application form pdf word

This award recognises an individual, group or organisation that has promotion or advancement in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and is sponsored by APC Ltd.


  • SSPC centre member – PhD/PDRA/Investigator/industry or academic partner

See full evaluation criteria in the application form.

Other awards selected by the SSPC Director and not through application process

SSPC Investigator of the Year

For exceptional funded/principal investigators who made a significant impact to SSPC in 2021 through their scientific or collaborative activities. Selected from formal investigator pool by the Director with input from Management team.

SSPC Research Article of the Year

For original research articles published in 2021. Selected from the list of original research articles attributed to SSPC (primary/secondary) on the SSPC Sesame profile by the Director.

Any queries please revert to [email protected]

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