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SSPC Pharmaceutical Recruitment Day
May 18, 2023

This week SSPC welcomed industry members Eli Lilly, APC Ltd., Pfizer, MSD, CADFEM, Janssen, Innopharma and SK biotek to a pharmaceutical recruitment day providing an opportunity to those looking to take their career to the next level. There is a wealth of PhDs available for recruitment and pharmaceutical companies in Ireland are now looking to tap into this talent pool. SSPC is renowned for their talent. Our people are our greatest asset, and SSPC produces excellent people. This is largely in part due to the quality of talent the Centre attracts, and the experience SSPC offers.

Ireland is a hub for pharmaceutical talent development. With a growing number of PhDs in the field, the recruitment of talented individuals has become increasingly important. The country’s bio-pharmaceutical sector is rapidly expanding, creating a need for skilled professionals to fill the gap.

SSPC is a world-leading research organisation dedicated to the advancement of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical science. Our graduates have a 100% employment rate and high transition rate into industry (69%, which is significantly higher than EU counterparts), thus closing the circle and enhancing standards and skills within the sector in Ireland and globally.

The centre provides an excellent environment for PhD students to develop their skills and knowledge in this field. SSPC has been able to attract some of the best talent in pharmaceutical research from around the world. By design, our researchers work in interdisciplinary teams that can include industry engagement.

SSPC is committed to providing students with a unique learning experience that combines academic excellence with industry-relevant training. The centre also provides a range of resources and facilities that are essential for carrying out successful research projects in many fields.

The pharma sector has seen an influx of highly qualified professionals from across Europe and beyond, helping to bolster the Irish pharmaceutical industry. With access to excellent facilities and cutting-edge technology, these PhDs have the potential to make a real impact on the future of pharmaceuticals in Ireland.

The demand for pharmaceutical talent in Ireland is increasing as more companies are investing in research and development. This has led to an increase in the number of PhDs who are looking to work in the industry. Companies are looking for candidates with strong technical skills and knowledge of drug discovery, manufacturing, and regulatory processes.

SSPC are delighted to be part of this story and through our collaborative approach, we has been able to facilitate knowledge exchange between different stakeholders and foster new ideas that can help shape the future of pharmaceuticals. SSPC is committed to providing a platform for collaboration among all stakeholders involved in this sector so that they can work together towards achieving common goals.

Pic. Brian Arthur

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