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SSPC’s Róisín Hurley keynote at CHoPS2022
June 15, 2022

Róisín Hurley is a PhD researcher working in SSPC in the Materials theme under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Patrick Frawley at the Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick. Congratulations to Róisín who has been invited as a keynote presenter at the upcoming CHoPS2022, 10th Int. Conference on Conveying & Handling of Particulate Solids happening in Italy, July 5-9, 2022.

Currently Róisín is researching secondary nucleation to optimise crystallisation using advanced flow visualisation technologies. Developing hydrodynamic models for scale-up of crystallisation processes from lab to pilot plant. Roisin studied mechanical engineering at the university of Limerick where she completed an internship in Germany and a semester at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Outside of research Roisin’s interests include running, swimming, and hiking.

Róisín’s keynote is titled Predicting Turbulent Shear Stress in Pharmaceutical Vessels and will discuss her work on the hydrodynamics in crystallisation vessels, with the aim to relate the turbulent shear stress in pharmaceutical vessels to the vessel input parameters. Controlling the turbulent shear stress could allow for control of secondary nucleation properties.

To ensure the safety and stability of pharmaceuticals there is an on-going requirement to control the properties of drugs creating reliable products.  There may also be a requirement to generate a higher production rate.

Advances in nucleation and growth theory means crystallization is moving from an empirical science to evidence and theory-based science. Significant progress has been made in the control of crystallization processes, leading to improvements in different aspects of crystalline product quality including the particle size distribution, polymorphic form, morphology, purity, tap density, flowability, compatibility, solubility, and dissolution rate.

This work seeks to develop new understanding of crystallization mechanisms to provide a better knowledge of the effects of major process variables and process control strategies on the quality of the crystalline material to ensure safe and reliable drug products.

Publication: Shardt, O and Hurley R, (2022), Motion of nanoparticles near rising and dissolving microbubbles, Chemical Engineering Research and Design

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